Every business is different, we can tailor a package that suits your requirements and budget. We keep our customers happy with great service and competitive pricing.

If you’ve ever considered outsourcing the first question is ‘What does it cost ?’

Our basic package has $110.00 setup fee; (we’ll include the first 25 calls) after that calls answered will be charged at $2.75 per call. This is ideal for a small business that needs an answering service as a back up to ensure you are not missing sales… and a real person answers your phone in your company name.

Starter pack I’m busy pack I’m really busy pack Full service pack
$0 ongoing fees From $220/month From $770/month From $1500/month
Includes your first 25 calls Includes your first 100 calls Includes your first 300 calls Includes your first 500 calls
Excess $2.75 per call Excess $2.50 per call Excess $2.00 per call Excess $1.50 per call
Outside business hours Up to 24/7 service Up to 24/7 service Up to 24/7 service
Casual diversion # Dedicated diversion # Dedicated diversion # Dedicated diversion #
Enquiry Enquiry Enquiry Enquiry

As your business grows… we’ll grow with you. When you require a more ongoing service, consider one of our call inclusive packages. You know how much to commit each month and we can report back on how and when your customers are contacting you. Our services can extend to SMS messaging, email management and website chat functionality.

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